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How the Lifestyles, Fashion and Beauty E-commerce brands can raise funds?

An industry is like a vehicle which works upon various wheels. Funding is one of the most essential one amongst them all. It will not be wrong to say that funding can hamper the overall functioning of the companies. In the face of this pandemic, it’s really a challenge to gather the appropriate amount of funds.

Many luxurious lifestyles and fashion businesses such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have achieved such high standards via adequate time, energy and funding.

These reputed brands were not ready to deal with the crisis. But to work in direct proportion with customer’s interest, brands are sorting lucrative ways to enhance their businesses

1.) Leverage financing options

The main motives to raise money for your brand are inventory, production, marketing and management. One of the growth-focused firms DRVE is helping online businesses to uplift their capital with proper expertise. One of the eminent, successful beauty company ‘Allies of Skin’ has scaled revenue by more than hundred times after working with DRVE. It is now expanding globally building brand sustainability across multiple markets, languages and currencies.

2.) Plan some pre-order strategies

Keeping in mind the dynamics of industry and customer interest, a brand plans its services and offerings. “The brand needs to create a trust foundation to convince people to order an item before it is available,” says Johannes Kliesch, co-founder of Snocksulting’s consulting business. That’s why renowned platforms like Amazon are not only desirable because they have an unbelievably big audience, but also because consumers believe that Amazon is a good pre-order.”

3.) Create Funding Global Expansion

Every brand wants to grow on as large platform as possible. Every brand wants to be recognised and gain visibility at global level. Such growth would easily grasp the attention of venture capitalists, who are seeking high growth potential.

People are aware of what they want, and your items must spell out the quality of the product for a lifestyle and fashion business. It’s not as difficult to raise money for your brand if you know what to do, when and where to search.

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