fashionnyc | How To Dress For A Zoom Interview And Other Work wear Dilemmas
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How To Dress For A Zoom Interview And Other Work wear Dilemmas

How To Dress For A Zoom Interview And Other Work wear Dilemmas

Zoom is a cloud storage based application which is most commonly used nowadays for video communication. Through this application, you can easily set up any virtual video or audio calls. Even you can go for webinars or group video conferences. People are getting smarter so they can even use features like screen sharing and many other collaborative capabilities available with this application

Here are some tips you should take care of while attending a zoom interview:

First, you have to get familiar with the technology. It’s the very first step that you have to follow. You should be aware of what you are using so that you can easily use it without making any mistakes. After getting sure about the features and usage of the application, check immediately before starting any call that your camera or mic is working properly or not.


Have you checked your internet speed?

Video meetings require high-speed internet (most recommended Wi-Fi). The slow internet connection can cause problems like mic glitch or paused video. This can ruin your interview in seconds.


Is your area distraction-free?

Always remember to set up a distraction-free area. There should not be any sound disturbance in your surroundings because it can disturb your call. People on the other side of the call can easily get irritated due to your background noise.


Be on time!

Be on time but not early. While entering an interview meeting room, don’t try to log in early. Try to be on time and if you have entered early, always remember to turn off your mic and camera.


What do you wear to a zoom interview?

Your attire depends on the industry and position you are trying to achieve but most likely you should wear business attire. Men should wear suits with ties and women should wear formal business attire too ( avoid wearing colors like pink, yellow or green). Royal blue shades and black are the most recommended colors. Along with that take special care of your background. Your background should be clean and clear.

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